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Letters from Gaza: Collected, Submitted, and Translated Testimonies from the Ground
October 10 2023

Since the unfolding of the genocide in Gaza, committed by the Western-backed Israeli regime — the latest stage in the ongoing ethnic cleansing of Palestine — there has been an absence of stories from those living in the Strip. Major legacy publications have either chosen to deliberately silence Palestinian voices, or have decided to seek them out long after communications have been cut by the Israeli Occupation Forces.

To counter propaganda and silence, this series of testimonies, 'Letters from Gaza,' offers us words of consolation, grief, and urgency from our besieged people. As Israeli bombs rain down from the sky, as homes turn to rubble, and as whole generations perish, they have written to us. They have shared their stories of displacement and loss. They have shared their nightmare with us. 

The authors have submitted or collected testimonies from across Gaza, some of which we have translated. We will keep publishing them, and we hope you will keep reading. We are their voice, we must not let their stories be erased. 

Our online publication, Palesine Square contributes a uniquely Palestinian voice to the public discourse on issues facing Palestine and Palestinians throughout the world.

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