UNRWA and Palestinian Refugees - 65 Years Later

As part of our Special Focus – UNRWA and Palestinian Refugees - 65 Years Later, the Institute for Palestine Studies has made available a series of articles from the Journal of Palestine Studies. This archival collection includes “UNRWA and the Palestinian Nation-Building Process,” “The Urban Redesign of the Jenin Refugee Camp,” “UNRWA and the Refugees: A Difficult but Lasting Marriage,” and several other invaluable reports. In presenting this month’s Special Focus against the backdrop of the Gaza Strip still in the midst of recovery and the recent news of the storming of the Yarmouk refugee camp in Damascus by rebel fighters and shelling by the Assad regime, we hope to contribute to our readers’ understanding of the history and mission of UNRWA.

Journal for Palestine Studies 174

Journal of Palestine Studies 174 is now available online. Our latest issue features a rare in-depth interview with the leader of Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Dr. Shallah. In a provocative essay, renowned political scientist Ian Lustick analyzes the divergent narratives that Israeli liberals and ultra-nationalists adopt in reference to the Nakba. And Book Reviews of Out of Bounds: Academic Freedom and the Question of Palestine, "This is Jerusalem Calling": State Radio in Mandate Palestine, Freedom Sailors: The Maiden Voyage of the Free Gaza Movement and How We Succeeded in Spite of Ourselves. Lastly, the Journal features our Update on Conflict & Diplomacy, Selections from the Press, Documents and Source Material, and much more. 

39th Anniversary of Land Day, March 30

On March 30th, 1976, Palestinian citizens of Israel protested against a renewed effort by the state of Israel to expropriate land from the nation’s marginalized population. Israeli police charged the demonstrators and killed six of them. Every year on March 30th, Palestinians within Israel commemorate Land Day in recognition of their past and present struggle to maintain their ancestral lands in the face of settler-colonization. On the 39th year of Land Day, the Institute for Palestine Studies has made available a series of articles from our archives that document the resilience of the Palestinian community inside Israel. 



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