Special Focus – Southern Lebanon, An Arena of Contestation

As the Lebanese political system remains bitterly divided, with an absent president and an idle parliament, and the civil war in Syria continues unrelentingly toward greater destruction, southern Lebanon may emerge, once again, as a battlefield. The territory is an area of contestation between fiercely opposed regional forces: between Iran, its proxy Hizballah, and their ally in Damascus, on the one hand, and Israel, Egypt and the Arab Gulf monarchies, on the other. Impose onto this scene the domestic faction of Sunnis aligned with the latter regional forces and the Christian community divided between pro and anti-Hizballah parties. Currently, Lebanon remains stable, but southern Lebanon may determine the country’s future trajectory. If an Israeli-Hizballah war erupts, implicating all the above-mentioned powers, the south will be the main arena of conflict.


It is precisely for this reason that we have decided to highlight the recent history of south Lebanon for our July: Special Focus – Southern Lebanon, An Arena of Contestation.

Special Focus – The Naksa, 48 Years Later

For our Special Focus – The Naksa, 48 Years Later we are highlighting a series of articles from our Journal of Palestine Studies archives that address the Naksa and its ongoing consequence.

The Nakba - In The Words of Palestinians

On this Sixty-Seventh anniversary of the Nakba we have chosen to highlight our archival collection of articles on the personal experiences of the Nakba. 


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