Current Issues In Depth | Jerusalem and The Trump Administration: Challenging The Status Quo

This third installment of the Current Issues In Depth series covers the historical and political background of the status of Jerusalem and places the Trump administration’s decision to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem, and its de facto recognition of Israeli sovereignty, in its proper context.

Bahrain Workshop: Business Over Politics

The use of economic means as a way to transition to political peace is neither new nor likely to succeed.

Call for Applications: Communications and Social Media Manager

The Institute for Palestine Studies-USA (IPS-USA) has an opening for a Communications and Social Media Manager in the Georgetown Office. This full-time position works under the supervision of the Executive Director of the Institute and closely with the Marketing and Development Manager.

Rashida Tlaib’s Critics Have Palestinian History All Wrong

Tlaib’s critics are fundamentally misreading Palestinian history in three key ways.


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