Issue . 69
P. 78
Derelict Structures
Tegart’s Modern Legacy: The Reproduction of Power, a Timeless Paradox

In this narrative, we strive to examine and illustrate the role that was played by the Tegart forts in the Palestinian landscape, since their establishment in 1936 to their nowness, addressing changes that were altered to this legacy. These structures stood as loci, radiating power in the Palestinian milieu. We see Tegart forts not as ruins in the physical sense of the word, since most of the forts were inhabited repeatedly by both colonial regimes and national authorities, in which each ruler utilized this legacy differently, nonetheless the same final goal: control and domination. The survival of those machines in terms of their physicality and function, has attributed to constitute a new form of ruins to examine, which we see as: power stratigraphy. Those multiple forms of power that colonized Palestine till this moment, formed a sediment of different colonial layers, that provokes the collective Palestinian memory, through their survival in many different ways to this day.