Issue . 69
P. 43
Derelict Structures
Al-Assi Cinema Studio: Glorious Past and Pale Present

In the history of Arabic literature, poets stood on the relics (Atlal) of their lovers’ residency areas, recalled love memories and paid tributes to them in their poem. Al-Assi Cinema is considered a (Tallal); a space that remained. Since more than a decade, it has been left for forgetfulness and neglect, and when it was remembered, it was thought of as an unnecessary structure that should be demolished and replaced by another structure. The article records testimonies from the times of glory of Al Assi Cinema, and documents people’s perception and opinions about this glory. It an attempt to reveal the value of the Cinema as a witness on the changing social and cultural landscape of Nablus city since the early 50’s of the last century until today.