The Launch of Gaza Exhibition at IPS Headquarters in Beirut
July 09 2024

IPS will inaugurate the art exhibition “Gaza” in partnership with Dar El-Nimer for Arts and Culture in Beirut and in collaboration with the Palestinian Museum on 11 July 2024, at its headquarters in Beirut. This is not an ordinary art exhibition, nor is it a solidarity event for Gaza, nor a protest outside embassies, foreign ministries, presidential offices, or city squares. It is a very humble attempt to preserve our humanity and affirm our resilience. It is a testament that we are alive, capable of reclaiming our role in preserving the remnants of life. Truly alive through action, striving to stop the genocide; this is a testament of action rather than mere prayer.

This exhibition features over forty artists from Gaza, as well as artists who have depicted Gaza in their works. Through their art, we remember together that in Palestine, and particularly in Gaza, we have friends who were artists, martyred alongside doctors, teachers, students, firefighters, journalists... We have friends who were wounded, displaced, and forcibly removed from their homes, villages, and cities. We also have friends whose studios, workshops, offices and artistic creations, the culmination of their creativity, were all destroyed. We have friends whose aspirations for a somewhat normal life, and a future free from siege, characterized primarily by freedom, were shattered by airstrikes, tanks, and warships.

Works in the exhibition were selected from the collections of the Institute for Palestine Studies and Dar El-Nimer for Arts and Culture in Beirut, with a contribution from Rula Alami.  The Palestinian Museum provided a selection of short videos by Palestinian artists from Gaza.

The exhibition opens daily from 2 – 6pm except Saturdays and Sundays.

Participating artists : Abdel Rahman Muzayen, Aissa Deebi, Areej Kaoud, Amal Al Nakhala, Amjad Ghannam, Boutros Al Maari, Dena Mattar, Dia Mrad, Fathi Ghabin, Fayez Al Hasani, Fawzi Omrani, Hani Alqam, Hani Zurob, Hazem Harb, Hussein Madi, Hussein Nassereddine, Ibrahim Mozain, Ingrid Rollema, Jehad Jarboa, Kamel Al Mughany, Khaled Jarada, Laila Al Shawa, Laila Hamzeh, Maher Naji, Maryam Salah, Mohamed Al Mufti, Mohamed Joha, Mohammed Al Hawajri, Mohamad Abusal, Muayyad Abu Amuna, Muhammad Al Rakouie, Neil Wood, Omran Al Kaissi, Oussama Baalbaki, Raed Issa, Rania Stephan, Saher Nassar, Salman Al Nawati, Shadi Alzaqzouq, Sharif Sarhan, Sherine Abdel Karim, Shayma Hasnen, Sumaya Sabih, Tammam Al Akhal, Tayseer Barakat, Taysir Batniji, Wael Al Sousi, Wasim Al Saadi.


Image: Mohamed Joha , Solid City 03 (2021) Acrylic on canvas 

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