Extension of Submission Deadline for the 2025 Annual Palestine Forum
June 03 2024

The Institute for Palestine Studies and the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies and are extending the deadline to submit applications to participate in third Annual Palestine Forum until 30 June 2024. The third round will be held in late January 2025. 

The Annual Palestine Forum is an academic conference organized to create an interactive academic space for presenting new and innovative approaches and exchanging research and ideas related to Palestine. It is an opportunity for researchers who are already working on papers to present and discuss their work, and to learn about and benefit from new research trends in Palestine Studies.

Moreover, the Forum invites researchers and those interested in studies on Palestine but who do not wish to submit research papers to benefit from the presentations and discussions by registering to attend. Registration to attend without submitting a research paper will open in September 2024.

The Annual Palestine Forum does not have a specific annual theme, nor will researchers be assigned papers to write. However the Arab Center and the Institute for Palestine Studies will allocate a special space for research related to Israel’s ongoing genocidal war in Gaza and its local, regional and international implications, in addition to the questions raised by this war about international law and its effectiveness, genocide, and ethnic cleansing, spaciocide and culturicide, forced displacement and refugees, resistance movements, policies of control, the role of the Palestinian national movement and political parties, global solidarity movements, media coverage of the war, reconstruction, monitoring damage of specific sectors (Health, education, etc.), the re-settlement of the Gaza Strip, the history of Gaza, the destruction of Gaza’s archive, and other related topics related to Gaza more generally.

The two institutions also encourage researchers, including junior scholars and recent PhD graduates, to submit papers on topics such as:

  • Settlements

  • Jerusalem

  • Research offering policy recommendations or related to policymaking

  • Palestine in education curricula

  • The future of the Palestinian national project

  • The Palestinian political system (e.g., the Palestinian Authority, internal divisions, and state under occupation)

  • The Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) – past, present, and future

  • Systems of colonial surveillance and population control

  • Higher education in Palestine

  • Refugees and migration

  • Prisons and the Palestinian prisoners’ movement

  • Policy and strategy analysis (local, regional, and international)

  • Patterns of Palestinian resistance

  • Nakba and memory

  • Trends in the historiography of Palestine and the Palestinian people

  • Zionism, society, and state in Israel

  • Media

  • Gender studies

  • Political economy and development studies

  • Human rights and legal studies

  • Security and military studies and wartime economy

  • Demography and population

  • Studies of space and place

  • Transformations in Palestinian society

  • The youth in Palestine and current political society

  • Protest movements in Palestine

Please note that this is not an exhaustive list, and the organizing committee is open to receiving studies on other related topics.

The Arab Center and the Institute for Palestine Studies also invite research centers and think tanks the opportunity to submit proposals to present their researchers’ work at a single panel.

Participation Procedures

  • The organizing committee will accept research proposals (maximum 500 words) submitted in Arabic or English, accompanied by the author’s up-to-date academic CV, no later than 30 June 2024. Proposals should include the research hypotheses, methodology and theoretical frameworks used, and a description of how the paper contributes to its field. Research proposals should be submitted through the online form.

  • If the paper is already complete, it may be submitted with a CV and a 300-word abstract in place of a proposal for peer review.

  • Participants will be notified if their proposals have been selected. Unsuccessful submissions will also be notified.

  • The conference committee’s approval of the research proposal does not automatically guarantee the final paper’s inclusion in the conference.

  • Research proposals selected by the Conference Committee should be followed up with a full paper (6000-9000 words) for peer review no later than 1 September 2024. Kindly review the Arab Center’s publication guidelines on this link.

  • The research must be original and specially prepared for Forum and should not have been published as a whole or in part, either electronically or in print. It should not have been presented at a previous academic conference or to any other party, prior to the Forum.

  • A specialized committee will review the research papers and inform the researcher whether the paper is accepted, accepted with revision requests, or rejected. The organizing committee reserves the right to withdraw papers that have been deemed unsuitable once they have been received in full and reviewed.

  • Should the paper not meet the acceptance criteria, the academic committee will notify the researcher of the decision only, without attaching the review report, in line with other academic conferences.

  • Once submitted papers have been reviewed and selected by the organizing committee, they will undergo the process of peer-review. Afterward, papers will be assigned to specific conference sessions arranged according to topic.

Institutional Participation Procedures

The Arab Center and the Institute for Palestine Studies offer research centres and institutions the opportunity to submit proposals to present their researchers’ work at a single panel. Panel proposals should be submitted through the online form and should include the following:

  • A concept note highlighting the topic and academic contribution of the panel (Maximum 300 words).

  • 3 to 4 research abstracts (Maximum 500 words each). Each abstract will be evaluated individually. Research centers/ institutions will be notified regarding the selection or rejection of each abstract.

  • An updated CV for each researcher.

  • Research proposals selected by the Conference Committee should be followed up with a full paper (6000-9000 words) for peer review no later than 1 September 2024. Kindly review the Arab Center’s publication guidelines on this link.

 Please note that proposals and papers submitted within the institutional panels are subject to the same guidelines and procedures as individual proposals and papers.

All inquiries should be directed to [email protected].

To submit research proposals, please fill out the online form.

Attending the Conference without Submitting a Research Paper

Registration to attend the conference without submission will open in early September.

Date of Conference: Late January 2025

Conference venue: Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies, Doha, Qatar.

Conference languages: Arabic and English.

For any inquiries, please contact: [email protected].

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