Roundtable: Locating Palestine in Third World Approaches to International Law
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settler colonialism
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Third World Approaches to International Law

The Zionist settler colonization of Palestine was, alongside apartheid in South Africa, one of the paradigmatic global issues that animated discussions among Global South anti-colonial scholars and leaders in the Bandung–Tricontinental era of the 1950s–1970s. While processes of formal decolonization have since played out across most of the Global South—notwithstanding the inequalities and violence of the postcolonial state and the neocolonial order—Palestine remains a quintessential site of ongoing settler colonialism and apartheid. This roundtable brings together scholars of Palestine and international law in discussion about the place of Palestine in Third World Approaches to International Law (TWAIL) scholarship. Among other queries, it asks: Where and how is Palestine present and absent in TWAIL scholarship? How has international law been complicit in histories and legacies of settler colonization? What role has the UN played in perpetuating the settler colonization of Palestine?

Author biography: 
Noura Erakat is an associate professor in the Department of Africana Studies and the Program in Criminal Justice at Rutgers University, New Jersey.
John Reynolds is an associate professor in the School of Law and Criminology, Maynooth University, Ireland.
Samera Esmeir is an associate professor at the Department of Rhetoric, University of California, Berkeley.
Richard Falk is an emeritus professor of international law at Princeton University, New Jersey, and chair of Global Law and codirector of the Centre for Climate Crime and Climate Justice, Queen Mary University of London.
Ardi Imseis is an assistant professor in the Faculty of Law, Queen’s University, Canada.
Usha Natarajan is a faculty fellow in law and political economy at Yale Law School.
Vasuki Nesiah is professor of practice at the Gallatin School, New York University.
Munir Nuseibah is an assistant professor at Al-Quds University Faculty of Law, Jerusalem, Palestine.
Diala Shamas is a senior staff attorney at the Center for Constitutional Rights, New York.