Majallat al-Dirasat al-Filastiniyya, London and Beirut, has been published since 1990 and is simultaneously reprinted in Ramallah for distribution in the occupied Palestinian territories and in Israel. Majallat provides a major forum for intra-Palestinian debate and constitutes a unique and vital intellectual link among Palestinians of the occupied territories, Israel, and the Diaspora. A team of Palestinian Hebraists monitors and analyzes Israeli political trends.

International developments and diplomacy with regard to Palestine are also closely monitored.

Editorial Board

Elias Khoury
Associate Editor
Ahmad Samih Khalidi
Editorial Secretary
Anis Muhsin
Executive Editorial Secretary
Nahed Jaafar
Khaled Farraj
Basic Design of the Majallat
Muhieddine Al Labbad
Editorial Committee
Institutional affiliation listed for identification purposes only.
Bayan Nuwayhed Al Hout (Historian - Beirut)
Jamil Hilal (Sociologist - Palestine)
Jihane Sfeir (Free university of Brussels)
Khalid Al Dakhil (Researcher and writer -Saudi Arabia)
Khalil Al Hindi (American University in Beirut)
Raef Zreik (Researcher - Palestine)
Salim Tamari (Birzeit University - Palestine)
Abdul Al-Rahim Al-Shaikh  (Birzeit University - Palestine)
Amr Saad Eddin (Brussels University)
Fawwaz Trabulsi (Historian and Writer - Beirut)
Majed Kayyali (Writer - Damascus)
Muhammad Ali Khalidi (York University - Toronto)
Nadine Beckdache (Graphic designer and urbanist)
Walid Khadduri (Expert in Oil Issues)
Yasser Muneif (Emerson College - Boston)