The Journal of Palestine Studies (JPS) is a refereed multidisciplinary journal published by Routledge, Taylor & Francis on behalf of the Institute for Palestine Studies. Since its founding in 1971, JPS has been the English-language academic journal of record on Palestinian affairs.

The Journal publishes original articles that span the humanities and social sciences, including, but not limited to, history, political science, international relations, law, economic development, geography, sociology and anthropology/ethnography, as well as gender and queer studies, literature, and the arts. Contributions on communities that have historical, political, and cultural ties to Palestine are also of interest to the Journal.

Editorial Board

Sherene Seikaly (University of California, Santa Barbara)
Managing Editor
Maria Khoury
Associate Editor
Nadim Bawalsa
Production Editor
R. R. Abdelnabi
Marketing Coordinator
Laura Albast
Editorial Committee
Institutional affiliation listed for identification purposes only.
Bashir Abu-Manneh (University of Kent)
Tareq Baconi (Al-Shabaka)
Nadim Bawalsa (Journal of Palestine Studies)
Amahl Bishara (Tufts University)
Rana Barakat (Birzeit University)
Dana El Kurd (University of Richmond)
Noura Erakat (Rutgers University)
Rashid I. Khalidi (Columbia University) 
Maya Mikdashi (Rutgers University)
Yousef Munayyer (Independent scholar)
Nadine Naber (University of Illinois at Chicago)
Kareem Rabie (University of Illinois at Chicago)