• Interactive Encyclopedia of the Palestine Question
    Arabic, English

    Conceived by the Institute for Palestine Studies as part of a joint project with the Palestinian Museum, the Interactive Encyclopedia of the Palestine Question traces the history of modern Palestine, from the end of the Ottoman era to the present.

  • The Palestine Chronology
    1982 -

    Journal of Palestine Studies' rigorous, detailed, day-to-day summaries of events based on Palestinian, Arab, Israeli and International sources from 1982 to the present.

  • Congressional Monitor
    2001 - 2018

    Tracks every legislative initiative introduced in the U.S. Congress that mentions Palestine or Israel or has bearing on the Arab-Israeli conflict, from the 107th through the 115th Congress.

  • Monitor of Israeli Imperialism and the Policies of Apartheid
    2023 -
    Arabic, English

    A monthly newsletter prepared by a specialized team at the Institute for Palestine Studies. It monitors the most important apartheid policies, positions, and steps taken by the Israeli occupation in Palestine.

  • Selections from the Hebrew Press
    2005 -

    A daily newsletter summarizing the most important news, statements and analyses of senior political and military analysts in the Israeli press.

  • Palestine Social History Archives

    The Palestine Social History Archives is a database that incorporates historical documents and personal papers from prominent Palestinian historical figures.

  • Al Quds Newspaper
    1908 - 1914

    Al Quds was the first Arabic language private newspaper to be published in Palestine. The publisher was Jurgi Habib Hanania, who established his own printing press in Jerusalem. This digital collection is derived from the original paper collection owned by the Hanania family, who generously gifted it to IPS. 

  • Settlement Monitor
    1993 - 2017

    Reprinted articles, statistics and maps pertaining to Israeli settlement activities in the occupied Palestinian territories.

  • Documents and Source Material
    1930 -

    Journal of Palestine Studies'  valuable collections comprise international, Arab, Israeli, and U.S. documents and source materials, as well as annotated lists of recommended reports.

  • Quarterly Update on Conflict and Diplomacy
    1994 -

    Journal of Palestine Studies'  summary of bilateral, multilateral, regional and international events affecting the Palestinians and the future of the peace process since 1994.

  • Chronology of the Arab-Israeli Conflict
    2006 -

    Presents a daily summary of events based on Palestinian and Arab newspapers and provides links to texts of documents referred to in the relevant event. 


  • Other Digital Projects