Journal of Palestine Studies Vol. 44 No. 4

The latest Journal of Palestine Studies (# 176) features as its free article, "The Two-State Model and Israeli Constitutionalism: Impact on the Palestinian Citizens of Israel" by Mazen Masri, a lecturer in law at the City Law School, City University London. Masri argues that the two-state solution would undermine the legal standing of Palestinian citizens of Israel (PCI) as it would reinforce the definition of Israel as a Jewish state.   

This issue also features an essay by former Speaker of the Knesset Avraham Burg contending that the only constructive and peaceable way forward for Israel is to establish full citizenship for the PCI. In addition, acclaimed filmmaker Elia Suleiman talks about the power of ridicule in his first interview with the Journal in 12 years and Stathis Gourgouris offers a profound meditation on the nature of Palestinian cinema with specific reference to Suleiman’s work. There is also a Special Documents File on the Iran nuclear negotiations, leading to the historic agreement of July 2015, as well as our regular rubric, Recent Books. The Quarterly Update on Conflict and Diplomacy, the Chronology, JPS’s highly-regarded Settlement Monitor, as well as Photos from the Quarter and Palestine Unbound are some of the sections rounding out the documentation section of the Journal. Finally, the once-yearly Congressional Monitor, reporting all legislative measures in the U.S. Congress pertaining to Palestine, Israel, and the Arab-Israeli conflict, also appears in the latest issue of the Journal.

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Journal of Palestine Studies Vol. 44 No. 4
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