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Path of Struggle in Palestine and the Arab Levant: The Memoirs of the Communist Leader Mahmud al-Atrash al-Maghribi

Compiled and Edited by:Maher al-Charif

This book language is Arabic
Mahmoud Al Atrash Al Maghribi was born in Jerusalem in December of 1903, a child of two immigrant working parents, who...

The Israeli Security Doctrine and Israel’s Wars in the Last Decade: Studies by Senior Israeli Generals and Researchers

Edited by:Ahmad Khalifeh

Compiled by:Randa Haidar

This book language is Arabic
This book includes studies and articles written by senior Generals and researchers specialized in the Israeli security...

United Nations Resolutions on Palestine and the Arab-Israeli Conflict, Volume 7 (2005-2011)

Prepared by:Jeanette Saroufim,Mirna Itani,Jihan Salhab

Edited by :Mona Nsouli

This book language is Arabic
This is the latest volume of a unique collection which brings together for the first time the texts of all the...

Studies in Religion, Education, Palestine and Renaissance in Honor of Dr. Hisham Nashabe

Edited by:Mahmoud Soueid,Maher al-Charif

This book language is Arabic
The Institute for Palestine Studies issued this book in honor of Dr. Hisham Nashabeh, one of the eminent educational...

Emigration or Displacement: Conditions and Ambiguities Surrounding the Emigration of Iraqi Jews

Abbas Shiblaq
This book language is Arabic
The Eastern Jews have not mainly been part of the Zionist colonial plan in Palestine, since the original Jewish sects...

Biography of Gabi Baramki and His Odyssey at Birzeit University (1929–2012)

Abdul-Rahim al-Shaikh
This book language is Arabic
This is an autobiography that chronicles the history of the institution established by the Palestinian Nasser family,...

The Political Economy of High Tech Industry in Israel

Fadle Mustafa al-Naqib, Mufid Ahmad Qassum
This book language is Arabic
This book addresses in a quantitative analytical manner the emergence and development of high-tech industry in Israel...


Spring is Here : Embroidered Flowers of the Palestinian Spring

Arrangement and Text:Tania Tamari Nasir

Design and Embroidery:Marie Salim Jabaji Tamari

This book language is Arabic
An Arabic/English publication featuring original embroidered designs of 23 Palestinian spring flowers with landscape...

Hamas: Political Thought and Practice

Khaled Hroub
This book language is English
This is the first comprehensive and in-depth study of the Hamas movement in Palestine, examining its historical,...

The Rapprochement between Hamas and Iran: A Necessity or an Option

Ra'ed Eshnaiwer
This book language is Arabic
This essay is an attempt to understand the relationship between the Islamic Republic of Iran which is a major regional...

Palestine : le jeu des puissants

Sous la direction de:Dominique Vidal

This book language is French
Toutes les grandes puissances ont joué à un moment ou un autre un rôle important, voire décisif, dans le conflit...

Palestinian Serials Published in Lebanon 1948-2014: A Bibliographical Study

Ahmad Taleb
This book language is Arabic
This study aimed to document the Palestinian periodicals, which comprise newspapers, magazines, reports, and yearbooks...