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The Political, Economic, and Literary Writings of Burhan Dajani (five volumes)

Burhan Dajani
This book language is Arabic
This five-volume edition contains selections from the political, economic, and literary writings of Burhan Dajani. It...

Israel: A General Survey, 2004

Editor:Camille Mansour

This book language is Arabic
This reference work is a comprehensive introduction to the current situation in Israel, including its political, legal...

The Myth of Palestinian Development: Political Aid and Sustainable Deceit

Khalil Nakhleh
This book language is Arabic
This book is not a historical survey of the Palestinian economy; rather it examines the notion of “Palestinian...

Geographic Sites in Palestine: Arabic Names and Hebrew Denominations

Shukri Arraf
This book language is Arabic
This is an indispensable reference for researchers and for anyone interested in Palestine's geography and history. It...


A Broken Trust: Herbert Samuel, Zionism and the Palestinians

Sahar Huneidi
This book language is Arabic
Herbert Samuel was the first British High Commissioner for Palestine during the Mandate (serving from 1920 to 1925),...

The Status of Palestinian Refugees in International Law

Lex Takkenberg
This book language is Arabic
The conflict over Palestine has produced one of the most tragic and compelling refugee crises of the post-World War II...

Present Absentees: Palestinian Refugees in Israel Since 1948

Hillel Cohen
This book language is Arabic
Although they constitute an integral component of the Palestinian refugee population, Palestinian refugees inside...

Lydda During the Mandate and Occupation Periods

Isbir Munayyir
This book language is Arabic
This book draws on the author’s personal recollection of events he witnessed in his hometown during the British Mandate...

Dayr Yasin : 9 April 1948

Walid Khalidi
This book language is Arabic
This book is based on the personal testimonies of thirty survivors of the Dayr Yasin massacre of 1948. It also draws on...

Constantine Zurayk: An Arab for the Twentieth Century

Aziz al-Azmeh
This book language is Arabic
This book discusses the life and thought of one of the most prominent Arab personalities of the twentieth century, a...

Ottoman Jerusalem in the Jawhariyah Memoirs: Volume One of the Memoirs of the Musician Wasif Jawhariyah, 1904-1917

Wasif Jawhariyah
This book language is Arabic
These diaries cover a critical period of modern Jerusalem at the end of Ottoman rule. The author describes many aspects...

The Diaries of Khalil Sakakini. Volume One : New York, Sultana, Jerusalem 1907-1912

Khalil Sakakini
This book language is Arabic
The Institute of Jerusalem Studies and the Khalil Sakakini Cultural Center in Ramallah have recently issued The Diaries...