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11: Stories from the Palestinian Exile

This book language is Arabic
The culmination of a training workshop on creative writing titled “Writing Palestinian Asylum Through Autobiography”...

East Mediterranean Gas Prospects

Edited by:Walid Khadduri

This book language is Arabic
The importance of discovering oil East of the Mediterranean lies in several factors: first, the opportunity for coastal...

The Idea… and the State: The Palestinian Struggle for Existence in the Age of Setbacks (2 Volumes)

Daoud Talhami
This book language is Arabic
This book focuses on the rise of the Palestinian resistance movement since the 1967 war – referred to as the Naksa , or...

The Egyptian and Palestinian Relations: Issue Prospects between the Popular Path and Official One

Tahrir al-Araj, Mohammad al-Ajati
This book language is Arabic
The significance of this study lies in its unique ability to connect two contexts, the popular and the official,...

Israeli Views on Regional Conflicts and their Security Reprecussions for Israel Studies by Senior Israeli Generals and Researchers

Edited by:Ahmad Khalifeh

Compiled by:Randa Haidar

This book language is Arabic
Since the beginning of the so-called “Arab Spring”, and during the tumultuous years that followed, the Arab World was...

Jerusalem: The key to Peace

Walid Khalidi
This book language is Arabic
This book consists of a compilation of studies on Jerusalem, written by renowned Palestinian historian Walid Khalidi...

Revision of Israeli Policies Towards the Palestinian Issue

Edited by:Jamil Hilal,Munir Fakher Eldin,Khalid Farraj

This book language is Arabic
In the spirit of past seasonal symposiums organized by IPS, this symposium focuses on analyzing Israel economically,...

Ottoman Ramallah: A Study in its Social History 1517-1918

Sameeh Hammoudeh
This book language is Arabic
This study details the history of Ottoman Ramallah from the 16 th century until the end of Ottoman rule in Southern...

The Palestinian Nakba in the Israeli Public Sphere: Formations of Denial and Responsibility

Amal Jamal, Samah Bosool
This book language is Arabic
This research focuses on the systemic structuring of doctrines and conceptual approaches concerning the Palestinian...

In the Land of My Birth: A Palestinian Boyhood

Reja-e Busailah
This book language is English
In the Land of My Birth: A Palestinian Boyhood , the critically-acclaimed autobiographical narrative by Reja-e Busailah...


The heart paints what the hand perceives: The Biography of Tamam al-Akhal and Ismail Shammout

Tamam Al Akhal
This book language is Arabic
This fascinating memoir explores the personal and artistic journey of Palestinian plastic artist Tamam Al AKhal and her...

Du souvenir, du mensonge, et de l'oubli: Chroniques palestiniennes

Ilan Halevi
This book language is French
Depuis son premier numero en 1981 jusqu'au dernier en 2008, la Revue d'études palestiniennes a régulièrement publié des...