Gaza’s Status Quo Unlikely to Change

While three crucial developments in Gaza today are testing equilibrium of belligerence between Hamas and Israel, the latter is likely to remain committed to status quo.

IPS Annual Conference: The Situation and Future of Area C and the Jordan Valley

Institute for Palestine Studies

Cordially invites you to IPS Annual Conference

The Situation and Future of Area C and the Jordan Valley 

The conference will be held on

2 & 3 November 2018, at Birzeit University
4 November 2018, at YMCA Jericho, with a guided tour in the Jordan Valley

How Bolton’s Strategies toward Palestine Could backfire at World Court

A favorable ICJ decision in Palestine v. United States of America would be more significant than the Court’s 2004 Advisory Opinion on the Wall because it would be binding on the United States.

What the Closure of the PLO Office in Washington Really Means

In shuttering the General Delegation of the PLO to the U.S., the Trump administration has cut off any U.S. citizen, including Palestinian-Americans, from engaging with Palestine at the institutional level.

“Jerusalem Quarterly” soirees: A Seminar on the Occasion of the Launch of Issue No. 63/64 of the Magazine - Early Photographers: Zakharia Abu Fahila and the Pioneers of Local Photography in Bethlehem at the Beginning of the Twentieth Century


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