A Reading of the Modern Narrative of Amman City: Master Plan, Square and Landmark


Wednesday, 20 March, 2019 - 17:30
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صبا عنّاب هي مهندسة معمارية، وباحثة في الشؤون المدينية، وفنانة تزاول عملها انطلاقاً من عمّان وبيروت. بحثها هذا جزء من منحة باحثة زائرة التي أطلقها "استوديو-x عمّان" (الدراسات العليا في العمارة والتخطيط في جامعة كولومبيا، نيويورك) عام 2014. تبحث عنّاب في تشكيل عمّان كعاصمة لـ"الدولة الحديثة" منذ بداية الخمسينات وحتى ثمانينات القرن الماضي، حيث تخلل هذه العملية ما يفوق خمسين محاولة تخطيطية على مستوى الدولة والعاصمة. لكن، لم يسبق لدلالات الدولة الحديثة، مثل المخطط الشمولي والساحة والصرح...read more

About the event: 

Research on Palestine is a seminar series hosted by the Institute for Palestine Studies in Beirut. It is geared towards up-and-coming researchers, but the series will discuss any new research in Palestinian Studies. It gives researchers the opportunity to reflect on the story behind their projects as well as their research findings.

Saba Innab’s presentation focused on the formation of Amman as the capital of the ‘modern state’ by showing how pivotal moments of Amman’s modern history were inscribed in its built environment, and by arguing that Amman’s urban development cannot be understood without taking into account the history of Jordan’s relationship with the Palestinians. She did so by discussing four landmarks as well as moments in history. Firstly, she spoke of the construction of the Hashemite Plaza in 1986 as the first political plaza which was an attempt to reclaim the center of Amman by political power. Secondly, she discussed the development of Amman’s master plan following the 1967 war. Thirdly, she discussed the building of the Martyr’s Memorial in 1977, and finally she discussed the relocation of Raghadan as well as the Abdali bus terminals as an attempt to push its daily users to the margins of the city while opening up the downtown to tourists.

Innab has been working on this research for 15 years, and it was inspired by her personal experiences commuting through the city center.