The Palestine Problem in Public Debate

This section is devoted to short reports of conferences, meetings, symposia, and other events dealing with topics directly related to, or which have implications for, the question of Palestine.

World Conference to Review and Appraise the Achievements of the United Nations Decade for Women: Equality, Development and Peace, Nairobi, 15-26 July 1985.

First International Christian Zionist Congress, Basel, Switzerland, 27-29 August 1985.

Fourth Congress of the General Union of Palestinian Women, Tunis, 1-7 May, 1985.

Fourth Conference of the General Union of Palestinian Students, U.S. Branch, Chicago, 7-9 June 1985.

Asian NGO Symposium on Palestine, New Delhi, 1-3 May 1985.

Colloquium on the Condition of Human Rights in the Arab World, Cairo, 17-19 May 1985.

Evangelical Round Table Conference on "Christianity and the Arab-Israeli Conflict," hosted by Eastern College and Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary, St. David's, Pennsylvania, 5-7 June 1985. 

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