Naji al-Ali (1937-1987)
August 29, 2020
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Palestinian Timeline

Naji al-Ali is considered among the most prominent Arab and world caricaturists. His drawings, nearly forty thousand in number, are characterized by their biting criticism of the Palestinian and Arab situation. These drawings became his only way of expressing his anxieties and the suffering and agonies of his Palestinian people. He created several figures that recur in his work. The character of the child Handhala symbolized the agony of the Palestinians but is nevertheless steadfast in facing all trials. Another character, Fatima, represented the Palestinian woman who refuses to compromise and had a clear vision of the cause of Palestine and how to solve it; she has a husband, a tall, thin, and hardworking man with a long moustache. Then there is the character of the fat man with his bare bottom who represented opportunistic Arab leaders, and the character of the Israeli soldier who most often stands bewildered as Palestinian kids pelt him with stones... More

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