Love in the Camp
مؤسسة الدراسات الفلسطينية
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The culmination of the second training workshop on creative writing organized by IPS in the winter of 2018 and supervised by novelist Elias Khoury, along with support from the institute of Abdul Mohsen Kattan and .Prince Klaus Fund through the “SELAT: Links Through the Arts” initiative, this book features the work of  young Palestinian writers living in Lebanon.

Elias Khoury:

Our selection for the title of this group of texts is not random; as several of them revolve around the topic of love. Nothing resembles the power of love to refresh meanings of things, to infuse passion into life, to create a bridge between the refugee camp and the occupied homeland and to restore the memories of fathers and grandfathers to arm a tide of love threatened by difficulties and disappointments.

These diversified texts should be read as a window upon resisting pain through love, and upon transforming the camp/exile into a homeland, while the latter regains its name and own territory.


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