Special Focus – Zionist Ideology and Propaganda

Zionism’s material and cultural conquest is a manifestation of the axiom long voiced by its partisans: the Arabs may have rights on the land but only Jews have rights to the land. Every movement needs its propaganda and Zionism has been the colonial master of marketing.

For our April Special Focus - Zionist Ideology and Propaganda, we have made available a series of articles from our Journal of Palestine Studies archives. These articles, inter alia, relate the emergence of a Zionist vanguard in France; recount the Jewish Agency’s propaganda campaign during the 1936-39 Palestinian revolt; the manner in which Zionist publications presented Arabs to Western audiences; the class origins of Zionist ideology rooted in the model of White settlerdom and capitalism; a three-part series on post-Zionist critique in the Israeli academy, media and popular culture; and strategize how Palestinians can refute Zionism’s myths and disinformation and “express the reality of their own historical and actual circumstances” to American audiences. 

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Special Focus – Zionist Ideology and Propaganda
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