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David Ben-Gurion, War Diaries (1947-1949)

Edited by:Gershon Rivlin,Elhanan Orren

Translated by:Samir Jabbour

This book language is Arabic
The paramount Zionist leader and first prime minister of Israel kept a detailed daily diary throughout the 1948 War in...

Palestinian Refugees and the Peace Process

Elia Zureik
This book language is Arabic
This book is the sixth in the series about the final status issues in the Palestinian-Israeli peace talks. It deals...


The Future of the Palestinian Refugees: Activities of the Refugees Working Group in the Multilateral Negotiations and the Quadripartite Committee

Salim Tamari
This book language is Arabic
This is the second in the series of monographs on the final-status issues in the Palestinian-Israeli negotiations,...

Israel: A General Survey

Edited by:Sabri Jiryis,Ahmad Khalifeh

This book language is Arabic
This is the IPS’ general manual on Israel. It brings together in one volume crucial information about Israeli politics...

The Palestinians in Israel and the Oslo Agreement

Aziz Haidar
This book language is Arabic
This book discusses the attitude of Palestinian citizens of Israel to the peace process, as well as their relationship...

The Right of Return of the Palestinian People

Ramadane Babadji, Monique Chemillier-Gendreau, Géraud de la Pradelle
This book language is Arabic
This book addresses the major issues pertaining to the final status talks in the Palestinian-Israeli negotiations. It...

Negotiating Water: Israel and the Palestinians

Sharif S. Elmusa
This book language is Arabic
This work, the eighth in a series on the “final status talks” of the Palestinian-Israeli negotiations, addresses issues...

Settlements and the Israel-Palestinian Negotiations: An Overview

Geoffrey Aronson
This book language is Arabic
This study is the first in a series published by the IPS, that deals with the "final status talks" of the Arab-Israeli...


Moshe Sharett, Personal Diaries

Moshe Sharett
This book language is Arabic
These diaries cover the crucial and turbulent period 1953-1957, preceding and immediately after the Tripartite invasion...

Israel and South Lebanon: 1993 to “Grapes of Wrath” 1996

Prepared and introduced by:Mahmoud Soueid

This book language is Arabic
A documentary collection on Israeli military operations in Southern Lebanon starting in July 1993 and culminating in...


Israeli Strategy on the Economic Future of the Middle East

Jamil Hilal
This book language is Arabic
This study examines various Israeli economic plans drawn up for the future of the region, as manifested in the...

The Israeli Economy within the Zionist Project: An Analytical Study

Fadle Naqib
This book language is Arabic
Will normalization of relations between Israel and the Arab countries lead to a new era of economic prosperity and...